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Most of the mixed metal jewels we sell are sold directly to customers at the art fairs we do each year and have been doing for over 45 years. A very high percentage of our sales are to people who have bought our work before, sometimes for many years. At our few remaining shows upwards of 90% of our sales are to this group. Sometimes we get email inquiries from someone who has visited our blog and expresses an interest in a jewel they have seen there in one of my many jewelry image collages, usually it's someone who already is familiar with our work but not always. Quite often the item that interested them has already found a home. If the item is part of a continuing series I often send them pictures of related jewels if I have them or when they get made. I take pictures of just about every piece that we make so this is easy for me to do. Fairly regularly we will sell a jewel through this process and are happy to do so. Please contact us if you see something on the blog that interests you.
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The prices for our work currently is in the $100 to $400 range. We make a few items each year that sell for less and more but not many. In our long jewelry making career we have made things that sold for $5 and others that sold for $1500 but are now comfortable in our current price range.

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