Friday, February 5, 2021

The Virtual Art Festival Continues

Our first incursion into the land of virtual art festivals has been very successful and we are pleased to announce that we will be continuing this endeavor through the end of August. We hope to be able to do a live show, the Sacramento Arts Festival at Cal Expo in October but life is a little uncertain at the present time. We have been making a number of heart shaped jewels as it is nearing Valentine's day. You can see them and many other new jewels on our Eventeny page;
Eventeny Page Link

Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Virtual version of The Sacramento Arts Festival

For the first time in 50 years we won't be doing any live art shows this year. We will be participating in the virtual version of the annual Sacramento Arts Festival on November 13th, 14th & 15th. Click on Sacramento Arts Festival to reach the festival site online. The festival online is being hosted by the website Eventeny and you can reach the page featuring our jewelry by clicking  Mixed Metal Jewels

 The pictures of our latest work won't be available to view and buy until the festival starts on Friday, Nov. 13th. We will have a lot of new work available for sale. By going to the Sacramento Arts Festival site you will be able to link to the work of all the artists participating also and see and buy their art work. This system makes it fairly easy to shop and buy online from multiple artists if you wish. 

I'll be doing another posting with any updates of information before the festival starts. I hope also to be set up to be able to interface with visitors through zoom. I'm still learning about these new systems but hope to have it all set up by the time the festival starts. 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Still making mixed metal jewels

Well, here in the midst of this odd & challenging time, I'm still going into my studio each night and making jewels. I'm having somewhat of a mixture of feelings, part of me being driven crazy and part of me finding my life more relaxing than usual what with no pressures & deadlines or appointments or much I really have to do. Hmm.
I always really like making jewels but am finding I'm enjoying it more and taking more time to play and experiment and make new things and play with ideas. I'm also doing a lot of drawing and painting and collage work in my upstairs art studio that I call my Artio. We are also doing a lot of planting in our garden and eating out of it every day.That is really a good thing.
If you see a piece in the collage that interest you send me an email and I'll give you more details about it. I'm also going to be working on another website for selling our jewels which I'll let you know about when it happens.

The Los Altos fair that we usually do in May has been moved to the last part of August so we won't be able to do it then since it's the weekend before the Kings Mountain Art Fair which is one of our very best shows. The Kings Mountain show is somewhat up in the air because of the pandemic and it's very possible, even likely, that it won't happen either, likewise for the Sacramento Arts Festival at the end of October which has been our best fair for the last two years. It's possible that this will be the first year that we don't do an art or craft fair since 1969.
Whenever we get to sell again we'll have a really great stock of mixed metal jewels. The collage to the right is a mixture of jewels from the end of last year and the beginning of this one. About half of the pieces were created since our sale at the Caspar Community Center at the end of January.

In some ways I have an odd way of working on jewels, I typically work on 15 to 20 pieces at once, a little on one then a little on another and so on. I also keep starting new pieces almost every day as ideas strike me. I like to get the idea into metal at least a little, that helps keep the idea from getting lost in the shuffle. What happens though is that a significant number of pieces that I start don't get finished right away as I get more involved in others. Periodically I go through the pieces on my workbench and cull out some and keep the ones I find most interesting on the bench, the others go into one of the large collection of cigar boxes I have collected over many years to sit for months, years and in some cases decades before I get to working on them again. There are a couple of dozen of these boxes, I call the contents of them Old Starts. A couple of times a week I'll pull out one of the boxes and look through the pieces to see if anything strikes my fancy and pull out those that do and work on them again sometimes to the point of getting them finished. Sometimes two partly finished pieces will join together to become a jewel. Of course some of these partial pieces will never get finished and will still be in the box when I depart this life. That's OK. Early on I used to feel guilty sometimes when I started but didn't finish a piece but finally realized that this was just the way I worked and became comfortable with that process.

Below are two more images, the first of my work bench with a number of pieces that I am working on. the second is an image of one of the cigar boxes with old starts in it, a couple of them being 10 to 20 years old.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Jewels and books coming to Caspar

I just created this new flyer for the sale that we will be doing at the Caspar Community Center when they have the monthly fund
raising breakfast on January 26th. My friend Annie Lee who brings textiles and jewelry back from her trips to Guatemala will be sharing the north room of the center with me. Some of the profits from her sales will help support artisans and scholarships for students down there. Carlie and I will be showing our latest mixed metal jewels and I, in the role of the Caspar Bookster will put out 25 to 30 boxes of a great variety of gently used books. I'm really culling out my large collection of books, gave 74 boxes to the Fort Bragg library and local thrift stores this past year and hope to do that with 100 boxes this year. My current rule is that for every book that I acquire I have to get rid of 4. I must confess though that my book obsession is not quite over yet, but I only buy books that I feel are special in some way. And, of course, I'm always looking for ones that have more than ordinary value, just found one at a thrift store that I believe will sell for $160 or so on the internet. The looking for treasure game which I'm sort of addicted to. Have started working in the jewelry studio again, making neat trinkets. I'm becoming fond of this semi-retirement thing which means that our first big art fair of the year won't be until May 16 and 17 near downtown Los Altos, south of San Francisco.
In some years past we would have done as many as 5 or 6 shows before that time. I'll have my 77th birthday 2 days after the sale. How did that happen?

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Off to Chico to Sell Our Work

  We will be selling our Mixed Metal Jewels in Chico starting Saturday morning at 10am at the Bizarre Bazaar at the Chico Women's Club at 592 East 3rd (3rd & Pine). 10-6 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday. We are happy to be returning to sell our work and visit friends this year, last year, because of the circumstance surrounding the fire up in Paradise,  was the first year since 1977 that we hadn't come to Chico to sell our work. It felt weird I must say. Glad to be coming back. Hope to see you.


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

We're Off to Sacramento

A quick word here as we are getting ready to leave for our show in Sacramento, our 21st year of this particular ritual. Have been busy today packing and finishing up jewels and taking pictures of the new work. At this point I take pictures of just about every piece that we make. I wish I had always done that. Literally thousands of pieces that we made didn't get photographed and I regret that quite often. Since I got my first digital camera in 2000 that changed. I'm always appreciative when a long time customers wears a piece that I don't have a photograph of to a fair we're at so I can capture an image of it. Wish us luck in Sacramento.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

On our way to Kings Mountain

We'll be heading south in a couple of days for a rendezvous up in the redwoods west of Woodside, south of San Francisco on Kings Mountain for their annual gathering of artists called the Kings Mountain Art Fair. We've made this annual pilgrimage for many years, started in 1971. We will have a better than usual selection of mixed metal jewels because we've done very little selling this year but have been consistently productive in our jewelry studio. Hope you can stop by for a visit. Here are a couple of collages of recent work, I'm still finishing a few interesting pieces and will try to get pictures of them up also.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Last Images Before Los Altos Fair

We'll be leaving the coast for the bay area very soon, driving down to Los Altos. Unfortunately it looks as if rain may be an almost constant visitor at the show so it's possible that we will not have much of a chance to sell our jewelry. The organizers are not canceling the show though. We will go and see, maybe the rain will stop now and then,
As I've learned after 50 years of doing outdoor art shows, you are always taking a chance on the weather. But only a very small percentage of the hundreds of shows that we have done over the years have been severely impacted by the weather.
This may be one of those however.
Details on the Los Altos fair on our upcoming shows page.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Los Altos Fair in Two Weeks

We will be returning to participate in the Los Altos Rotary Fine Art Show in a little less than two weeks. Our first out of town selling event for 2019. There were times in the past when we would have already participated in 3 to 5 fairs by this time of the year. We like the slower pace. We will have a lot of new mixed metal jewels at the fair, 2 collages of just finished work below. I should be able to post at least one more collage before the show. Some of the most interesting work doesn't usually get finished until just before we leave for a fair.

As I stand here at my computer I am watching a male blue jay flying into the small tree just outside the window behind the computer. I have been watching him for a week or so building a nest. He flies in with a twig or piece of fluff in his beak and places it in the growing structure. I'm surprised that he is building it so close to people (about 6 feet from me)

 and so low to the ground, 7 feet up in the tree. I'm hoping it works for them and that we get to see the babies at some point.

The Los Altos fair is Sat. & Sun May 18th & 19th
From 10  am to 5:30pm each day
Free Admission
In Lincoln Park, a nice long park along Foothill Expressway
Just across the street from downtown Los Altos.
A very high quality fair with a good variety of fine arts and crafts.
We've done it for 25 years or so. One of the two bay area fairs that we still do.
Check out the other exhibitors at
Hope to see you at the fair.