Wednesday, July 18, 2012

 We're in Salem, Oregon at the moment and will set up our booth at the Salem Art Fair and Festival in the morning. The fair starts at 10am on Friday morning. Weather is looking pretty good, a very slight chance of a few sprinkles on Friday but sunny and 80 to 85 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. We have a very good selection of jewels for this show, that's one of the good things about doing fewer shows, having time to make jewels.
Above are just a few of the new things that Carlie made in this last work period from mid May to now. We've both been working on a lot of pieces that include our mixed metal beads.
To the right, a few of the jewels that I've finished recently. We both had a good time in the studio, especially in the last two or three weeks. We had a very good show at the Mendocino Art Center last weekend, one of only two local showings of our work this year. We are looking forward to spending a few days working our way home down the beautiful Oregon coast after the Salem show.