Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our last selling event of the year in Chico

We'll be leaving in the morning for our 36th year of selling our mixed metal jewels just before Christmas in Chico, CA. Above are a few of the new jewels we've finished in the last few days. We will probably have the best selection of jewels that we have ever had at a Bah! Humbug festival of crafts. We are looking forward to seeing all of our Chico friends and customers. Looks like it may be a rainy time between now and Christmas, we're bringing rain coats and umbrellas. Go to our Show Schedule page to find out place and time details for the Bah! Humbug Festival.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Driving in the rain to Davis

Well, if the weather reports are correct, we will be driving in the rain from the Mendocino coast to Davis, CA tomorrow. We hope that it pauses when it's time to unload our fair display from our van into the Davis Art Center, where we will be selling our mixed metal jewels for 3 days. Above are a number of newly finished pieces that I just took pictures of a little while ago. We are looking forward to connecting with friends and customers and hopefully making some money this weekend.

The little silver piece that says Words in the picture. I was sitting at my work bench a couple of days ago thinking about putting words in some of my jewelry designs, something I've thought about for several years but haven't followed through with doing. I was trying to think of some amazing word to put in metal and nothing was coming to me and then I just thought, well, what about words? Seemed interesting and offbeat and I wondered why anyone would want to buy it but went ahead and did it and here it is. Hopefully I'll think of some other words and ways to use them in jewelry pieces, we'll see. Stay tuned.