Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mixed Metal Jewelry at the Davis Art Center

We've been very productive in the time since our big Sacramento fair at the Convention Center at the beginning of November. Most of the work in these two collages is newly created since then.We have a few more days to work this week and will be finishing additional pieces. We're having a good time in the studio.

We did well at the Sacramento Arts Festival, Friday, the first day of the fair was our best single day at the festival in our 14 years of showing there, with most of our sales to people who have bought our work before who came at the beginning of the fair to get the best selection. Saturday and Sunday were not as good but overall it was our 2nd best year, 2011 being the best. I'm not surprised, since my records show that fairs that we do that take place just before a presidential election are always a little less successful than the previous year and the following year. this is very consistent. So, we're looking forward to a great year at the convention center in 2013.
We're also looking forward to our 4th year at the Davis Art Center even though it looks as is there is a good chance that it will be a rainy weekend. It will be warm and snug inside, we just might get a little wet when we are unloading our display on Friday and at close up time on Sunday. That's happened before and we'll take our rain hats and tarps.

At this time of year we start thiinking about what directions our jewelry designs will take next year, what new ideas, new designs, new materials, new techniques will keep our interest and be fun as well as lead to interesting new jewels to present to the large group of clients and collectores who already have a significant amount of our work. One thing that we both want to focus on
is starting to use more of the gemstones that we've been collecting and stashing away for over 40 years. We'd like to find homes for them so that others can enjoy them. It will be interesting to see what other new directions happen. The period of time between Christmas and springtime when we start doing show again is often the most creative time of our jewelry work year.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mixed Metal Jewels at the Sacramento Arts Festival

We've just finished selling our work at the Sacramento Arts Festival at the convention center downtown. To the left is a collage of work that we had at the show, all new work.  We did well and enjoyed talking to a lot of our area customers. We had the 2nd best show for sales in the 14 years we've participated, with most of our business coming from people who have bought jewelry from us before. We are pretty happy about this. We enjoy this show, the arts and crafts are very high quality and we know many of the participants from our many years of doing shows in the Sacramento area. The fair next year will also be on the first weekend in November.