Saturday, May 18, 2013

At Los Altos Art Show

We've just finished the first day of our showing at the Los Altos Rotary Art Show and are pleased with our success there. Overall, the number of visitors at this fair has continued to decline each year, currently running at (my estimate) about 10 per cent of the number visiting the fair when we first started doing it over 20 years ago. Fortunately this hasn't really resulted in a decline in our sales, but a very high percentage of our sales (100 per cent today) are purchases by customers who have bought from us before and come to see us because of the flyers and emails that we send out to our bay area client list that we have compiled over the last 35+ years of doing art fairs here. I'm really glad I started collecting all of those mailing and emailing address years ago. It is a little worrying though not to pick up any new clients at the fair. Hopefully tomorrow that will change.

May is really a busy month for us, two consecutive weekends of fairs starting with the Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis mother's day weekend, now Los Altos, then next Sunday, the 26th, one of my Bookster booksales at the Caspar Community Center near where I live and then to Petaluma to watch my granddaughter be promoted from elementary to middle school. I will be happy to have 6 weeks off then before our next art show.
Time to relax, time to be creative with my jewelry work, time to do nothing, time to do some new things, time for ????