Monday, December 16, 2013

Mixed Metal Jewels in Chico

For the 34th year we are in Chico for our annual selling visit to the Bah! Humbug Festival of Crafts. This year we are at the Senator Theater on Main Street. The last time we were at this location was in the year 2000 and we had a very successful show that year. We probably have the best selection of mixed metal jewels that we have ever had at this show, that's what happens when you cut way back on the number of shows that you do but keep making the same amount of jewelry. We are happy to report that we had a good first day at the fair, a number of our regular longtime customers came to see us and many left the fair with a new mixed metal jewel to enjoy.
We are looking forward to day two and the rest of the fair.

Over the many years we have participated in the Bah! Humbug Festival it has been in many different locations in Chico but because of our almost 40 years of satisfied customers in the area we have always done very well. A great number of our jewels are being worn and enjoyed in Chico.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Newest Mixed Metal Jewels

 This is recent work, most of which we will have at the Mendocino Art Center's fair on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. A couple of these pieces were sold at the Sacramento Arts Festival.
I just finished taking pictures of all of the pieces to the right here a couple of hours ago. We will have all of these new pieces and more at the Mendocino fair. As you can see, we have been setting a lot of pieces of abalone, probably more than we ever have. It is such a special material. We are enjoying finding other stones that go with it in jewels. The multi colored iridescense in the abalone shell has a multitude of colors in it that blends with other stone colors.

Friday, November 1, 2013

After Day One of the Sacramento Arts Festival

We've just finished the first day of the Sacramento Arts Festival and had a successful and full day.
Lots of people who appreciate our work came to visit and a goodly number of them took new jewels home to enjoy. The show opened at 10am and by 10:04 we had a small crowd around our booth. A couple of fellow artists told me that there were more people there than in the rest of the show at that time. I can understand wanting to come early to see all of our new stuff because pieces start finding homes pretty fast. That is why at many of our shows the first day is often our best day. We're at our motel now, winding down, hoping to get a good night's sleep so we can be ready to do it again tomorrow.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Floating after day one of the Kings Mountain Fair

It's the evening after the first day of the Kings Mountain art fair. It was a pretty amazing day, the weather was just about as close to perfect as it could possibly have been. We saw a great many of our friends and customers from our many years of selling our work at this show and we broke all of our one day sales records for almost 45 years of
participating in arts and crafts fairs. I'm kind of floating at the moment. Hope to get a good nights sleep and go up the hill and see what happens tomorrow.

To the left are some of the jewels that we've just finished and I photographed on Thursday evening. I think we still have all but two of these items.

Friday, August 30, 2013

In the Bay Area

 At the moment I'm resting at the motel in Palo Alto where we are spending the night after setting up our display up in the redwoods on Skyline Blvd. where the Kings Mountain Art Fair starts in the morning. I'm posting the images that I sent out to my customers in the area a few days ago of work we will have at the fair. I spent a couple of hours last night taking pictures of all of our even newer stuff but I'm too tired tonight to process those images and get them ready for the web. Hopefully I'll be able to do that tomorrow night after the show and will get them up on the blog and hopefully report that we had a great sales day at the fair tomorrow.
We hope that you have a chance to come by and
see us at the fair, it runs through Monday and, for the most part it looks like good weather. It was very pleasant when we were setting up our booth between 6 and 8 pm.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Making Abalone Jewelry

 It's hard to remember when I first used abalone pieces in jewelry but I think it must have been in the early 1970's. I remember buying some polished small cabochons at a bead store somewhere in downtown Los Angeles at about that time. And at the same time some that were called Korean abalone. They were pretty interesting although I think now that they were probably dyed. They were darker than ordinary abalone and had a lot of purple. I think the first time I ever saw abalone shell it was inlaid in some wooden boxes that my dad brought back from Korea where he was stationed in the army in the late 1940's. So anyway, sometime in the early 70's I started setting abalone cabochons in simple jewelry designs. I have never stopped doing that. What has changed is that now, for the most part, I only use abalone pieces that I have found here at the ocean around the Mendocino area where I live. In the picture to the right are two images of a typical haul from two different

 trips to the ocean to find pieces. After hunting for it up and down the coast, the most consistently productive place for  finding pieces that I want to use in jewelry is less than half a mile from downtown Mendocino on the headlands. I never go there without finding a double handful of useful pieces that have been tumbled, shaped and smoothed by the ocean waves and sand. Quite often I use them just as I find them, only polishing them to bring out the pattern and color. At other times I change them buy cutting them with a diamond saw and shaping them with diamond grinding and sanding wheels. Carlie uses many of the pieces that I cut and polish and sometimes cuts and polishes her own shapes.
 As you can see in the collages I created here using images of pieces that we've made over the last 30 years, we've used them in a lot of different design ways and I expect that will continue to the very end of our jewelry making life.

Sometimes I think to myself that by now I must have seen every possible variation of color and pattern of abalone but then, the next time I visit that special place at the ocean, I find something that is new, a variation I've not seen before.

If you ever decide to work with abalone, be careful if you grind or sand it. The dust can be very dangerous to get into your lungs. I only grind and sand it on wheels that get a constant stream of water to minimize dust, I do it outside my studio, I wear a good dust mask and I do it in moderation.
I've found that the best time to look is a little while after the tide has turned and is starting to come back in. Each time the waves rush in they expose new pieces of shell. I run back and forth with the waves trying, usually without success, not to get my shoes wet. Sometimes I'll be driving to Mendocino from where I live and I'll just have an intense urge to stop and look for abalone pieces. It's always a treat.
I'll pick up a lot of pieces and bring them all home and put them in a big pan of water so I can really see how they will looked when polished. After several days of evaluating, I'll pick the ones that have jewelry potential and put the others in the paths that surround the house and lead back to our workshop. They look especially beautiful on rainy days when they sparkle.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

At Los Altos Art Show

We've just finished the first day of our showing at the Los Altos Rotary Art Show and are pleased with our success there. Overall, the number of visitors at this fair has continued to decline each year, currently running at (my estimate) about 10 per cent of the number visiting the fair when we first started doing it over 20 years ago. Fortunately this hasn't really resulted in a decline in our sales, but a very high percentage of our sales (100 per cent today) are purchases by customers who have bought from us before and come to see us because of the flyers and emails that we send out to our bay area client list that we have compiled over the last 35+ years of doing art fairs here. I'm really glad I started collecting all of those mailing and emailing address years ago. It is a little worrying though not to pick up any new clients at the fair. Hopefully tomorrow that will change.

May is really a busy month for us, two consecutive weekends of fairs starting with the Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis mother's day weekend, now Los Altos, then next Sunday, the 26th, one of my Bookster booksales at the Caspar Community Center near where I live and then to Petaluma to watch my granddaughter be promoted from elementary to middle school. I will be happy to have 6 weeks off then before our next art show.
Time to relax, time to be creative with my jewelry work, time to do nothing, time to do some new things, time for ????

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jewels for Scottsdale

 Here are three new circle wave pendants that I'm taking to the show in Scottsdale (see previous posting for more about circle wave pendants)

Here are a few more of the items that we will be bringing to the Scottsdale show which starts on Friday. Unfortunately there is a prediction of rain on Friday so that may interfere with business.  We'll keep our fingers crossed. We've been rained on there before though and still done well. Less of a chance of rain on Saturday and sunny on Sunday is the forecast. Hoping for a good show.
Tonight we're in a motel in a little town off of Interstate 5 called Buttonwillow, tomorrow night we'll be in Kingman, Arizona and Thursday afternoon we'll be in Scottsdale setting up our display at the Scottsdale Art Center.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mixed Metal Circle Wave Pendants

I've always done a lot designing within a circular motif, even before jewelry making became a major part of my life I drew circular designs, often mandala like. At some point early in my jewelry making career I also found that circular designs were pleasing to me and also that a lot of other people seemed to like them because they sold very well. Waves and undulating lines appeared in my work before I moved to the coast but about a year after moving close to the ocean and spending a lot of time watching waves and breathing sea air I found myself at an art show with all of my jewelry displayed and at a slow traffic moment as I was looking inside my cases from the front of the display I had this incredible realization that waves had swept through my work big time. This motif appeared in a lot of different work but is perhaps most evident in this series of pendants I call Circle/Waves, some of which are pictured to the right.
This is a small selection of the literally hundreds of pendants I have created in this series since 1997. The designs continue to change and develop as that is my way of working that allows me to stay interested in this endeavor and allows people who have bought jewelry from us before to find new designs to add to their collection. In the next few days I'll be posting some images of circle wave pendants just completed and that we'll take with us to our upcoming fair in Scottsdale, Arizona. I'll post other types of work also. As part of my strategy for keeping myself interested in doing this and creating new designs I periodically make myself break out of the circular motif which I can get stuck in sometimes because it is so comfortable and familiar. I make myself design in different shapers, squares, rectangles, triangles, organic shapes, plant and animal forms. This always results in new ideas and designs and more creative jewelry.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Black Onyx Jewelry

Black Onyx Jewelry
There was a time many years ago that we didn't set black onyx stones in our jewelry at all. Not sure why, hadn't thought about it. We set lots of turquoise, agates and small colored stones We had two ladies that became customers that basically talked us into setting black onyx, telling us how they liked to wear it and how good it looked. It took us a while to try it but after we got started setting it, it became an integral part of our work and we now set a great deal of it in all kinds of designs. We like the way it looks in both gold and silver and also in mixed metals which is most of what we do.
We sometimes use it in pieces by itself but more often use it with a range of other stones, especially garnets and pearls. We enjoy using it, and it sells extremely well, what could be a better combination? It has a great advantage in being able to be worn nicely with almost any color of clothes.
It is available in a great variety of sizes and shapes and is not too costly.
I looked through my picture archives and found a number of images of black onyx pieces we have made. These date from early 1990's to 2005.

Carlie has just finished three pair of black onyx earrings that I am posting on the Available for Sale page, take a look. We are working steadily currently creating jewels for our upcoming trip to Scottsdale, Arizona in a few weeks to sell jewels and enjoy the sun. I'll be posting pictures of more new work before we go and probably also while we are on the road.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mixed metal Jewelry into the new year

It's a new year and we're looking forward to creating new jewels and we'll start working in the studio after a few more days of relaxing.
We are happy with the last fair that we did up in Chico just before Christmas, we did very very well. While we were there we found out that we will be doing a show down in Scottsdale, Arizona in mid March so we'll be focused on creating new and beautiful jewels for that show.
I've started posting pictures of pieces for sale here and will continue that with trying to post a new jewel each day on that page. The latest posted jewel will be at the top of the Available for Sale page. When the number of images on that page gets too big I'll break them up onto several pages, rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc.
Please email me if you have an interest or any questions about any of the pieces that are for sale.