Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jewels for Scottsdale

 Here are three new circle wave pendants that I'm taking to the show in Scottsdale (see previous posting for more about circle wave pendants)

Here are a few more of the items that we will be bringing to the Scottsdale show which starts on Friday. Unfortunately there is a prediction of rain on Friday so that may interfere with business.  We'll keep our fingers crossed. We've been rained on there before though and still done well. Less of a chance of rain on Saturday and sunny on Sunday is the forecast. Hoping for a good show.
Tonight we're in a motel in a little town off of Interstate 5 called Buttonwillow, tomorrow night we'll be in Kingman, Arizona and Thursday afternoon we'll be in Scottsdale setting up our display at the Scottsdale Art Center.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mixed Metal Circle Wave Pendants

I've always done a lot designing within a circular motif, even before jewelry making became a major part of my life I drew circular designs, often mandala like. At some point early in my jewelry making career I also found that circular designs were pleasing to me and also that a lot of other people seemed to like them because they sold very well. Waves and undulating lines appeared in my work before I moved to the coast but about a year after moving close to the ocean and spending a lot of time watching waves and breathing sea air I found myself at an art show with all of my jewelry displayed and at a slow traffic moment as I was looking inside my cases from the front of the display I had this incredible realization that waves had swept through my work big time. This motif appeared in a lot of different work but is perhaps most evident in this series of pendants I call Circle/Waves, some of which are pictured to the right.
This is a small selection of the literally hundreds of pendants I have created in this series since 1997. The designs continue to change and develop as that is my way of working that allows me to stay interested in this endeavor and allows people who have bought jewelry from us before to find new designs to add to their collection. In the next few days I'll be posting some images of circle wave pendants just completed and that we'll take with us to our upcoming fair in Scottsdale, Arizona. I'll post other types of work also. As part of my strategy for keeping myself interested in doing this and creating new designs I periodically make myself break out of the circular motif which I can get stuck in sometimes because it is so comfortable and familiar. I make myself design in different shapers, squares, rectangles, triangles, organic shapes, plant and animal forms. This always results in new ideas and designs and more creative jewelry.