Sunday, June 28, 2015

Getting Ready for the Mendocino Street Fairs

The pieces at the left are ones that we have recently finished and will have at our only local showings of our work, the Mendocino Street Fairs on two Saturdays in July, the 4th and the 25th. We have quite a few other new pieces and are looking forward to our only at home area fairs for this year. Weather here is being very wonderful, 65 to 70 degrees and mostly sunny with some fog and clouds in the morning time. If you live in a hot area and are thinking of traveling to the coast in July, below are a few other things that are happening.

Mendocino has a long running, fun, interesting and idiosyncratic 4th of July parade on Saturday. Also on the 4th is the largest salmon barbecue in the world at Noyo Harbor in Ft. Bragg.

The 2nd Street Fair always happens on the last Saturday of the Mendocino Music Festival, this year is the 29th annual and it runs from July 11th to the 25th drawing visitors from all over the state.

My final mention is of the Mendocino Botanical Gardens, a really lovely place, beautifully done. It's at the southern edge of Ft. Bragg. The dahlia garden should be in bloom in July.