Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mixed Metal Jewels from our New Studio

It took us longer than anticipated to get our new studio workshop set up and running in our new house in Ft. Bragg. It's been so long since we had moved that we forgot what a substantial effort was required to do it. Now we are comfortably working in the studio and enjoying our new living place and being in town for a change.
Our spring show schedule has a very big change in that we are taking a year off from the Whole Earth Festival this year after having participated for the last 37 years consecutively. We enjoy Whole Earth and usually do well there but it's a very energy intensive event to do, so, after all the work of the move and setting up the new studio we decided to take a vacation from it for this year. We will be back in Davis at the art center holiday fair in December and in Sacramento in November. More details coming on our show schedule page.

We've been walking a lot in Ft. Bragg and have been exploring the alleys of which there are many. I've been taking pictures of things I find interesting and have posted some on my picture blog at Another nice thing about having a larger space in this house is that I have a permanent space set up for taking jewelry pictures so I hope to post more of those in the near future.