Monday, February 11, 2013

Black Onyx Jewelry

Black Onyx Jewelry
There was a time many years ago that we didn't set black onyx stones in our jewelry at all. Not sure why, hadn't thought about it. We set lots of turquoise, agates and small colored stones We had two ladies that became customers that basically talked us into setting black onyx, telling us how they liked to wear it and how good it looked. It took us a while to try it but after we got started setting it, it became an integral part of our work and we now set a great deal of it in all kinds of designs. We like the way it looks in both gold and silver and also in mixed metals which is most of what we do.
We sometimes use it in pieces by itself but more often use it with a range of other stones, especially garnets and pearls. We enjoy using it, and it sells extremely well, what could be a better combination? It has a great advantage in being able to be worn nicely with almost any color of clothes.
It is available in a great variety of sizes and shapes and is not too costly.
I looked through my picture archives and found a number of images of black onyx pieces we have made. These date from early 1990's to 2005.

Carlie has just finished three pair of black onyx earrings that I am posting on the Available for Sale page, take a look. We are working steadily currently creating jewels for our upcoming trip to Scottsdale, Arizona in a few weeks to sell jewels and enjoy the sun. I'll be posting pictures of more new work before we go and probably also while we are on the road.