Mixed Metal Beads

Here is a page of pictures of Mixed Metal Bead Pendants.The bead on the right was silver and copper.
Beads are a series of pieces, domes and discs of different shapes, metals & textures, each with a hole in the middle. There is a piece of silver tubing that the group of pieces are placed on, then the tubing is hammered and flared on each side to hold the assembly in place. Once the hammering or riveting is done, the pieces are rigidly fixed in place.  I started making them about 12 or 13 years ago and have made hundreds of them at this point.

The beads on the right I call
ripple disc beads because of
the ripple like effect of the
discs in the center.

The bead to the left is of the holy dome series because of
the holes in the side dome. I create a name for most of my jewels for the practical reason that I need to have something to write down when I sell them to help me remember what they were.

 At the beginning of my relationship with beads I couldn't make any thing else for about 6 weeks and would walk around with a dozen on a chain trying to show them to everyone.  In a sense, it's a limited form, pieces of metal on a tubing, and I worried that I would run out of new variations to create. That has, however, proven to not be a problem for me and new ideas and ways to make them keep occurring and I'm sure
that will be true for some time to come.

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  1. Incredible, I love these beads and all of your art work. I am kind of stunned actually.