This is part of a series of rings that has been evolving for over 30 years, I call them flow rings because of the movement and curving lines. This particular version is called the Old Perfect ring. I like to have names for designs so I have something to write down in my record book when they sell. This name came about because when I first made this design, it was part of an evolving series that changed a little with each version, I thought it had reached it's final version, perfect. That turned out not to be true, it kept evolving, but when I displayed it at an art show, the woman who bought it tried it on, looked at it, and said "it's perfect".
While most of our work is one of a kind and evolving series that change with each jewel, some of these rings I make multiple's of. This design I make in 4 scales from tiny to very large. Cost runs from $145 to $225 depending mostly on the amount of gold. Metals are silver, copper & 14K gold.

To the right is another in this family of rings, I call it the new perfect ring. This one did prove to be the end point of an evolutionary series though. I make it in 3 sizes and the price varies from $175 to $235. As in the first ring, the metals are sterling silver, copper and 14K gold.

The ring on the left is called a cross flow with curls. The shape in the center is 14k gold, the band and the curls are sterling silver, the discs on the sides are copper. I'm always looking for new variations in this family of rings, that keeps me interested in the process and also it's very important for me to keep creating new designs because a very high percentage of our sales at shows are to people who have bought our work before. This design sells for $175 to $195 depending on scale.

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